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WBC 2016 Competition Entries

Large Sculpture
Medium Sculpture
Parade Fashion
Deliverable Sculpture
Table Arrangement
Delivery Bouquet
Balloon Column
Balloon Hat
12-Minute Figure
Window Display

WBC 2016 Special Awards

WBC 2016 Master Designer

Federico Onida Alessandro Patanè, CBA, of Balloon Express Shop Giarre in Giarre, Italy
The WBC Master Designer title recognizes excellence and achievement in multiple disciplines of balloon art. To qualify for Master Designer, delegates must have competed in three competitions: Large Sculpture, Table Arrangement, and their choice of Delivery Bouquet, Balloon Column, or Deliverable Sculpture. The winner was determined based on cumulative points from all three entries. Alessandro earned a Gold Achievement in Large Sculpture, a Gold Achievement in Table Arrangement, a Bronze Achievement in Balloon Figure, and Bronze Achievement in Deliverable Sculpture.

Emerging Artist

Norma Roberts Chen, Kun-Hung of MAGIC BALLOON in Kaosiung, Taiwan
To qualify for Emerging Artist, delegates must have not won a previous Emerging Artist title at WBC. They must also have participated in one competition from the A Group (Large Sculpture, Medium Sculpture, or Balloon Fashion) and one competition from the B Group (Balloon Column, Deliverable Sculpture, Delivery Bouquet, Balloon Hat, or Table Arrangement). The winner was determined based on cumulative points from entries in both groups. Kun-Hung earned a Gold Achievement in Medium Sculpture, a Gold Achievement in Balloon Column, and a Silver Achievement in Parade Fashion.

Golden Light Award

Norma Roberts Luc Bertrand, CBA, of wAw Balloons in Vichte, Belgium
The Golden Light Award was created in honor of Linda Bruce, CBA, one of the most beloved and familiar faces of Pioneer® Balloon Company and the balloon community. Linda was a true balloon ambassador who educated, encouraged, influenced, and inspired an entire industry. Like Linda, wherever Luc goes he creates lasting friendships that transcend commercial and cultural boundaries and makes a difference in the lives of those he meets.